Organizing Hacks for Small Kitchens

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Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your cooking or your cookware! You may feel like you’re running out of space, but I guarantee that with a few tweaks, you’ll be able to make tons of room in your tiny kitchen. 

All you need is a little innovation when trying to give your kitchen more space.

Here are eight organizing hacks for small kitchens that will help you organize your tiny kitchen!

1. Get a Lazy Susan

Lazy susans make organizing corner cupboards, awkward spaces and high shelves easy. 

Not only will you be able to save space by adding two extra levels to your cupboards (if you find a 2-level lazy susan), but you will also be able to find items faster without having to pull every item out one by one as you search for what you need!

A lazy susan is an inexpensive solution to your tiny kitchen struggles.

2. Make More Shelves with Shelf Risers

Vertical space is likely going unused in your cupboards and under your sink.

Using shelf risers is a great way to optimize the vertical space you weren’t able to use before. Shelf risers make it easy to add in extra shelves to your kitchen without having to get out the hammer and nails.

3. Hang Spice Jars from Your Cabinet Doors

Spice jar holdersattach to the inside of your cupboard doors, utilizing space that otherwise would have gone unused. 

You can use these for spices, but you can also use them for pill bottles in your medicine cabinet (and I love anything that is multi-functional). 

4. Get a Dividing File Rack

When organizing a small kitchen, you don’t always need to use products that were meant for kitchens. Sometimes, your office supplies can come in handy and help you rearrange your small space.

If the area where you keep your cookie sheets and pans is always jumbled and a bit of a mess (hey, it happens!), use a dividing file rackto keep things under control!

5. Put Corkboard Inside Cabinets

To hang lighter items such as plastic measuring cups, plastic spoons and smaller items from inside your cabinet, you can add corkboard to the inside of cupboard doors (just like the stuff you use for your office bulletin board). Use tacks and pins to hang items quickly and easily to the inside of the door!

Plus, you can keep other things tacked on there as well such as calendars, recipes, bills and daily reminders.

6. Put a Shoe Pocket Organizer Inside Cabinets

Shoe organizersdon’t just need to be for your shoes! Use them in your kitchen to store utensils, spices, oils, vinegar, pasta and much more by hanging them to the inside of any tall doors you have.

You’ll be able to maximize the space of your pantry without needing to add any extra shelves.

7. Use the Wall for Kitchen Utensils

Using your walls is another hack for small kitchens. Adding a magnetic knife holdercan store knives and other metallic utensils to keep your kitchen drawers less cluttered.

You can also use a rod with hooks to hang various kitchen utensils and even pots and pans (as long as the rod can handle the weight)!

8. Add Drawer Organizers

Adding drawer organizers is an easy way to keep your forks, knives, spoons andother utensils from getting all jumbled together. 

Plus, if you decide to use the walls to hang other utensils from, you can free up more room in your drawers.


If you’d like help organizing your small kitchen or any other area of your home and you are in the Calgary area, please contact meor view my services!

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