Why (On Earth) I Became A Professional Organizer

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Do you ever walk into a cluttered room in your house and instantly feel the energy just drain from your body? Suddenly, the ambition to work out or make progress on that crafty project or even get organized vanishes. It’s too much! You don’t want to deal with it, thank you very much. The couch is now calling loud and clear and you don’t want to disappoint. Meh, maybe you’ll get to it another day.


Yep, I think most of us have felt that way at least once.


I have definitely been overwhelmed by the disorganization in my home in the past. Growing up, I used to come home, full of gusto and glory, knowing I’m about to be the queen of productivity for some project or another, only to instantly throw in the towel. That is, until I discovered how much I love to organize.


Off I went, organizing every room in my parents’ house, tunes blaring, optimizing and adjusting away to my heart’s content. My Mom was delighted by this hobby of mine.


Now it’s my understanding that there are two types of people in this world: people who absolutely love the process of organizing and are completely energized by the very thought of it, and people who think that mindset is legitimately the most insane thing they’ve ever heard and why aren’t these people in straight jackets??


This is where Professional Organizers come in.


My entrance into the world of Professional Organizing was an unexpected surprise to me. I honestly didn’t even know it existed until I got downsized from my oil and gas job in 2016. Sure I had seen the show “Hoarders” and knew the profession existed, but to realize there was actually an entire industry surrounding being organized made me annoyingly giddy. So, when the day came for me to accept that I was indeed unemployed and the oil and gas industry may be tough to get back into, I started brainstorming.


What could I do that makes me happy enough to walk with a strut and pay the bills at the same time? I know a few things I’m passionate about are coffee, yoga, and the feeling I get when I’m organizing. Well, I’m no barista and certainly no yoga instructor, but is there actually a need for “organizers” in Calgary? Enter the research phase.


In chatting with my mom about all this, I discovered a family member used to do something very similar. Her client base mainly consisted of seniors needing help with moving. I also found an organization called Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). Through POC and other research, I discovered there are so many instances where an Organizer can make a real difference in someone’s life, including anyone who:

  • is downsizing into a smaller home
  • is moving into a new home with little or no family/friend support
  • is moving at all!
  • has clutter in their homes that never seems to go away, whether its entire rooms or smaller problem areas
  • is combining two households into one
  • has had a family member/friend pass away who was a homeowner
  • has a “catch-all” room in their home (i.e. the garage or office)
  • has too much stuff!

Upon discovering all of this, something inside me clicked. This was it: the strut inducing, flashing light bulb, beyond brilliant, ‘EUREKA’ idea that would change everything.


So I became a Trained Professional Organizer through POC and started building my own business. Having been an employee my whole life, the transition to entrepreneur was overwhelming at first. It still is at times. But the idea of making a real difference with real people in my community has kept me going.


I have come to realize how much I love helping people. Clients have told me they now have peace of mind and clarity that didn’t exist previously all because I showed no judgment and made the process as gentle and painless as possible. But to me, it wasn’t even work. It was fun. Bonus!


Almost every client I’ve spoken with had some sort of initial embarrassment about bringing a stranger into their home to rummage through their belongings. They thought I’d come into their homes and declare, “It all needs to go!” Ultimately, they realized my goal was not to make them get rid of their belongings.


My goal has been and always will be to sincerely help people get past the clutter and focus on what matters most to them; to get rid of the ‘energy-draining’ negativity that disorganization holds over them daily. With any luck, I’ll be able to do all this with a bit of humour and humility at the same time.


Life is so much simpler and positive when you can focus on family, friends, food, and hilarious cat videos instead of figuring out where the damn car keys are or finding a reputable moving company before next week.


I hope to bring you some insight, tips and tricks, helpful tools, and a laugh or two along the way. Here’s more cat humour to start you off:

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