Downsizing & Purging Services in Calgary

Are you surrounded by clutter? Do you just want your home to be functional again?

This service is for you if you miss feeling peaceful and at ease in your home. Downsizing services are great for those who feel overwhelmed by the amount of belongings that have collected over the years. Various circumstances can lead to someone simply having too much stuff, and consequently, not enough time, patience, or motivation to tackle it.

Wild Rose Organization’s Downsizing Service is for you if:

✔ you’ve lived in your home for many years and have collected too much stuff that you don’t use anymore

✔ you’ve raised a family in your home and have an overwhelming amount of memorabilia, old toys, knick-knacks, etc.

✔ you need to move into a smaller home and find the task of sorting through everything too daunting

✔ you’ve inherited your parents’ belongings and don’t have room to store them

✔ you’re combining two households into one and have duplicates of everything

Downsizing and Purging Consultation

We start off with a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals, expectations, deadline, and budget, which usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. Consults also allow me to see the scope of work to be completed, as well as explain the process.

Girl organizing closet.

"We are very grateful and pleased with the end result. The basement storage room was a big job. It was such a mess I hated opening that door. How many times did we waste money on buying items we already had but couldn't find?! No more…it's now easy to find those washers/screws, tools, electrical/plumbing and painting supplies." - Debbie S

Wild Rose Organizing is a Professional Organizing Company in Calgary, Alberta. Wild Rose Organizing specializes in: de-cluttering homes, downsizing, packing help, and moving in and moving out.

Downsizing and Purging Process

From there we schedule some time to get started. We start in one area of your home and physically sort through your belongings. You will decide what category each item in that area falls under: “keep”, “donate”, “sell”, “garbage”, “recycle”, or “shred”.  If this is the process that overwhelms you the most, don’t worry! I’ll be there to help you through and talk it out. Nothing leaves your home without your permission.

Once we’ve categorized everything in the area, we’ll have a better idea of how much space you’ll need for your “keep” items. All other categories will be recycled, donated, and/or repurposed where possible.

Purging services take care of the items you no longer want in your home. I am happy to take your unwanted items to a local charity drop-off centre, recycle depot, or garbage facility if you are unable or don’t want to do it yourself. I charge my hourly rate for the time taken to drop these items off – usually between 15 minutes and half an hour.

Should you require assistance with moving in addition to downsizing, you’re in luck! Packing and boxing in preparation for a move is also a service I provide. For more information, please see Moving & Unpacking.

If you are looking for downsizing and purging services in Calgary, let’s talk!