Seniors Downsizing & Moving Assistance in Calgary

Do you need to downsize or move, but don’t have any family/friends to help?

Are you overwhelmed by clutter and physically unable to tackle the chaos? My downsizing and moving assistance services are for those who are dealing with too much stuff and want a trusted, sympathetic companion to guide the way.

Downsizing and Moving

For those who have lived in their homes for many years, raised a family and/or collected a few too many sentimental items, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on providing a compassionate and understanding process to help ease the stress of moving.

If you are needing to downsize, whether you’re moving into a smaller home or just sick of the clutter, it can seem too daunting a task to complete on your own. You are not alone.

Wild Rose Organizing is a Professional Organizing Company in Calgary, Alberta. Wild Rose Organizing specializes in: de-cluttering homes, downsizing, packing help, and moving in and moving out.

Downsizing and Moving Process

  • Using a 5-step system, I will guide and help you through the downsizing process at your most comfortable pace.
  • After an initial consult where we discuss goals, expectations, deadline, process and budget, we will schedule some time to get started.
  • I will help you to physically go through your belongings, deciding what you’d like to keep, discard, recycle, donate, or shred. Nothing leaves the home without your permission.
  • I am happy to take away any items you do not want to keep. These items will be repurposed at appropriate facilities wherever possible – including local charity drop-off locations, electronics recycling depots, paper/cardboard recycling facilities, as well as hazardous waste disposal. Only after all repurposing attempts have been exhausted will items be discarded and thrown out. I charge my hourly rate for the time taken to drop these items off – usually half an hour.
  • If you’re moving and need help to pack up/unpack your belongings, moving and unpacking services are available as well.
  • If you need help arranging for movers, I am happy to facilitate this process as well.

Downsizing and Moving Pricing

I charge a flat rate of $70/hour for downsizing and moving services.

Contact me today if you are a senior living in Calgary and would like help moving or downsizing!

Case Study


My client Patricia needed to downsize her 2,000 square foot home into a 650 square foot apartment. Luckily, she called me early enough that we had roughly 6 months to complete the task.

At our initial consultation, Patricia expressed concern that the pace would be overwhelming for her. Her husband had passed away several years prior and she needed time to go through his belongings and process whether each item was to be kept or not. I assured her we would work at her pace and that if at any point she felt too overwhelmed or anxious, we would stop for the day if needed.

We set a schedule of 4 hours of downsizing every week and slowly got through all of her and her husband’s belongings. Some days were easier than others for Patricia, but she always expressed gratitude at having someone there to guide her.

Once we determined which items were to be kept, we started packing Patricia’s items in preparation for the move. Every box was labeled and categorized so that she knew exactly where everything was, just in case she needed it. I also took care of any required heavy lifting during the process so that Patricia didn’t have to.

When moving day arrived, Patricia was well prepared because we had arranged for movers and discussed the day’s events in detail. The move went smoothly and Patricia was pleased at how little stress she felt through the day.

The day after the move, we started unpacking all of Patricia’s belongings. We designed her space around her day-to-day habits and activities, so that the systems we put in place flowed well and everything was easy to find.

We unpacked and gave Patricia’s belongings “homes”, and I am happy to report that these systems are still in place and working great. I touch base with Patricia a couple times a year to see if she needs any tweaks. Every so often she’ll ask for a small tweak, which I am happy to provide.